Technology platforms to build the future of oncology

Celsion has three platform technologies that provide the foundation for a range of therapeutics for common, difficult-to-treat forms of cancer. Lysolipid Thermally Sensitive Liposomes (LTSL) is a heat-sensitive liposomal formulation that targets disease with proven therapeutics in the presence of mild heat. TheraPlas™ is a novel, nonviral delivery system for therapeutic plasmids. TheraSilence™ efficiently delivers synthetically generated inhibitory RNA (RNAi) to regulate protein expression in target cells.

With these technologies we are working to develop and commercialize more efficient, effective, and targeted oncology therapies that maximize efficacy while minimizing side effects common to cancer treatments.


LTSL: Targeted delivery using heat-sensitive liposomes


TheraPlas: A novel approach to improve safety and efficacy of gene-based therapies


TheraSilence™ Using systemic RNAi delivery to fight and prevent tumor growth